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Upcoming whisky events

17/11/2017 Den Haag International Whisky Festival 2017
19/01/2018 Amsterdam Whisky weekend Amsterdam 2018
02/02/2018 Spa Whisky-Live Belgium 2018
09/02/2018 Alkmaar Hielander Whisky Festival 2018
23/03/2018 Groningen Whisky Festival Noord Nederland 2018

Latest bottlings

Arran 18 year old
Single Malt, Island, Scotland
Gouden Carolus 2017 Muscad'or 4th Anniversary
Single Malt, Belgium
Gouden Carolus Pure Taste Oloroso Cask
Single Malt, Belgium
Benromach 8 year old
Single Malt, Speyside, Scotland
Ben Bracken 8 year old Speysidd - The Clydesdale
Single Malt, Scotland

Whisky of the day

Eiktyrne Sid Og Vid

In Norse mythology, Eiktyrne (Eikþyrnir in Old Norse, meaning “oak-thorny”) is a stag which stands on the roof of Valhalla, together with Heiðrún the goat, biting at the limbs of the tree Yggdrasil. From his horns, drops fall into the Hvergelmir spring in Niflheim, the world of darkness. From there, spring numerous rivers out into the world. These are described in Grímnismál in the Poetic Edda. Sid and Vid are two of the rivers.

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Review of the day

Octomore 7.2/208 PPM review by Marthijn

It's not bad, but I think the special finish does not improve the taste.

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