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Barcode scanner, collection management, whisky news, top 100, event calendar, search by taste.
This makes Drammer one of the most complete whisky apps.

Drammer app features

The Drammer whisky app is packed with features to manage all your whisky experiences.

  • Whisky deals

    Over 20,000 daily updated prices and 800 whisky deals.

  • CSV/XLS document export

    Easily export your collection, wish list and reviews to a spreadsheet.

  • Search by whisky taste

    Search whiskies by their tasting profile e.g. floral-fruity, peaty, woody etc.

  • Barcode scanner

    Easily find whiskies by their barcode

  • Curated database

    Every whisky is manually checked

  • Whisky suggestions

    Personal whisky suggestions based on your collection

  • Whisky management

    Manage and share your collection, wish list and reviews.

  • Connect with friends

    Connect with your whisky friends and see all their experiences on your timeline.

  • Compare webshops

    Easily compare the price of your next purchase between 64 whisky web shops.

  • Whisky event calendar

    See all upcoming whisky events in one list.

  • Whisky news

    Read the latest whisky news in one overview.

  • Top 100

    The 100 best rated whiskies in one list

  • Earn badges

    Earn over 50 badges for your activities

  • Add whiskies

    Simply add new whiskies to our database

  • Multi language

    Use the app in Dutch, English or German

  • Multi currency

    See whisky prices in AUD, BGN, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD, and ZAR

  • Distillery location

    See the location of a distillery on the map

Personal timeline

Your activity timeline shows all your friends' activities together with the whisky information.

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Special Thanks

A special thanks for the people who helped testing, debugging and improving the Drammer whisky app:

Cor, Dennis, Ernest, Guido, Jan, Joey, Johan, John, Jonas, Kamiel, Kristiaan, Maarten, Martin, Merijn, Michael, Michiel, Nynke, Quintin, Rem, Rob, Robert-Jan, Roberto, Sander, Sebastiaan, Simeon, Stefan, Teun, Thorben, Tim, Toine, Tom, Ton, Tony and Vincent

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