The history of has been developed by Bas van Dijk and Marthijn van den Heuvel, two computer science students and entrepreneurs (visit for more info), with a passion for whisky. They both missed an online platform to keep track of their whisky collection, share tasting notes with their friends, and the possibility to keep a whisky logbook. Since they both had a lot of experience in webdevelopment, they decided to create the whisky platform by themselves. Together with graphical artist and illustrator Toine Rohner, they created the social whisky network

Marthijn worked on the technical server part including the database designing, while Bas focused on the user interface, graphics design and overall user experience. Toine designed the beautifully hand drawn backgrounds of as well as the logo.

Together they have spend many hours of work in creating a whisky platform which eventually had evolved into a social whisky network. The result,, makes finding information about whisky, distilleries and brands easy and accessible to everyone.

The logo

When the brainstorming of started, Toine offered to design the graphical part. His mission was to create a stylish, whisky feeling logo which also hints to building a social network.

Toine drew a few possibilities, but the glencairn glass, together with the growing barley immediately became favourite. After some adjustments the logo image became final. The image at the bottom of this page shows some of the sketches Toine made during the logo design progress.

The information on

After lots of phone calls and e-mails to diverse whisky importers and distilleries, we started to receive the whisky information we were wanted to shown on Thanks to the cooperation of all these companies, is now able to offer its visitors complete and accurate information. Without this cooperation would not have become what it is today. Though we already have a lot of information, we still are busy to add new information in order to provide as much detail as possible. sketches logo sketches by Toine Rohner


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