Port Charlotte
2009 MC:01
Whisky type
Single Malt
Bruichladdich Distillery
Islay, Scotland
Year distilled
In collection

Review by Port Charlotte


Cloves and orange initially. rose petals, toasted oak and a slight yet biting peat smoke. Ripe peach and hints of apricot come through. Left to open, the glass will reveal more warmed peach with vanilla and salted caramel. The smoke is slightly hidden behind the fruit and the vanilla sweet oak notes. Once considerably aired the tar and charred wood from the smoke come through more.


On the palate, there is a velvet touch that releases a little heat before moving into a subtle dryness from the French oak. Fruit and smoke combine beautifully with tar and peach, poached pear and red apples. A note of dry earth, dried peat maybe along with vanilla, clove spice and toasted oak. A splash of water brings a nutty, Christmas cake edge and the classic marine, ozone notes.


The finish has a tender softness and is a lovely mix of soft peach and peat smoke. The Sicilian wine edge is sweet fruit and a delicious Christmas cake whisper, the smoke fades and the toasted oak leaves a nutty vanilla that is satisfyingly warm.


Soft yet bursting with fruit and character. A feel good whisky, an autumn walk in the woods then a good book by the warm fire kind of whisky. Enjoy.


After many years of experience working in our loch side warehouses, our head distiller has identified a unique relationship between our Port Charlotte smoke and sweet wine casks. The fruitiness is a fitting balance for our evocative spirit. Each iteration of our cask evolution bottlings is special, not just because they are limited, but because the utmost care has been taken to select the best quality casks. In this case, our Port Charlotte MC:01 has been matured in ex-Sicilian wine casks. Legendary, rich and unctuous, the European oak has previously held this fortified wine for nine years, resulting in a glorious autumnal whisky.

Source: Bruichladdich