• Why is it not possible to upload my own bottling pictures?
  • The pictures of bottlings are copyrighted by the distillery and/or importers of the whisky brand. We contact every brand representative separately and ask them for official pictures so we can be sure about not violating any copyrights.

  • Can I use the information on Drammer to put it on another website?
  • Unfortunately the answer is no. A lot of the material on Drammer has been copyrighted by the whisky distilleries or their owners. Drammer has got explicit written permission to use their material. Unless you have a written permission, you are not allowed to copy any material from Drammer. Of course you can always contact our source directly. Each source is listed with their name below every piece of information.

  • How do I cancel/delete my account?
  • If you want to remove your account completely, you can remove your account using the app.