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The story of Creative Whisky Company

Started in 2005, The Creative Whisky Co Ltd was created to continue a passion for outstanding single malt whisky. The founder/owner (solely responsible for all cask selections), David Stirk, had spent many years drinking, selling, making, finishing, packaging, talking about and writing about malt whisky.The previous Tastings Co-ordinator & Journalist for "Whisky Magazine", David also authored the books "The Malt Whisky Guide" and "The Distilleries of Campbeltown". He also spent time with Scotland's oldest independent bottler - nosing and selecting hundreds of casks each year, a very enjoyable time in his life.He has travelled the world hosting tastings and masterclass and is, perhaps, infamous, more for his jokes than his whisky. His strategy is always to enjoy whisky and at the same time provide informative, yet, humerous, tastings and hopefully anyone attending will like at least one of the whiskies.

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