The Glasgow Distillery
Whisky type:
Single Malt

Distilleerderij bottelingen

Het verhaal van 1770

« Dit verhaal is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels »

Founded in 2014 and drawing on the pioneering spirit of Scotland’s first licensed distillers, The Glasgow Distillery Company takes its name from one of Glasgow’s original distilleries. Founded at Dundashill in 1770, the distillery was known, for a time, as The Glasgow Distillery Company and remained active until the beginning of the 20th Century.

Glasgow was once home to hundreds of distilleries until the Depression and Prohibition led to their closure. As the first Single Malt Whisky Distillery in Glasgow in 110 years, The Glasgow Distillery Company, is re-establishing the metropolitan Scotch Malt Whisky tradition alongside the great whisky regions and bringing Glasgow Malt Whisky back to life.

Since establishing the distillery we have invested in the best distilling equipment, sourced the finest ingredients, the finest casks and assembled a team of innovative distillers to deliver a wide variety of handcrafted spirits. Using traditional methods we have developed a strong portfolio of award winning premium brands and the first casks of our new make spirit are already maturing under the watchful eye of our dedicated team. The distilling ‘magic’ takes place in special copper stills christened “Annie”, “Mhairi” and “Tara” after family members of the three founders.

A founding member of The Scottish Craft Distillers Association, founders Liam Hughes, Mike Hayward and Ian McDougall, hope that the establishment of the first Glasgow Distillery in over 100 years heralds the start of a whole new age of distilling in Glasgow…