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Theres a maritime, tar and rope kind of vibe off the start. Iodine and medicinal brininess slightly overwhelm any of the oak notes. You've got to dig for vanilla or any complex fruitiness. After the initial hit, a slightly fatter meatiness, with cured bacon and prosciutto pulling through. An ethereal fruity top note thats elusive, green apples and pears. Its not an aggresive nose, and it lacks the glowing ember and burning moss of some Islays, and also the heavy campfire of richly heather peated whiskies.
Pleasant body, lightly viscous, slightly buttery but not remotely heavy. It's not thin but it doesn't last long. Sweetness next with anise, the briefest glimpse of anisettes or pizzelle cookies. Slightly astringent with a little acidity as well. The smoke is as though you were standing 20 yards away. Its there but its not in your face, the oak comes through now. Simple profile, this would be a decent intro to peated whiskies.
Sweetness comes back with fall fruit on the finish. Apple pie and pear tarts. Vanilla. Grapes. Bandaids and disinfectant make their appearance. Short finish.
A nice starter peated whisky, this drinks fairly young and while checking the big boxes in terms of a bourbon wood aged peated whisky it does come off slightly one dimensional.

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