Vintage Reserve 1978
Whisky type
Single Malt
Glenfiddich Distillery
Speyside, Schotland
Vat nr.
Jaar gedistilleerd
Jaar van uitgave
Gelimiteerde uitgave
184 flessen

Review door Glenfiddich

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Autumn Straw.


A beautifully balanced vintage cask with the hallmark Glenfiddich single malt pear and fruity character. Summer grass, hints of orange marmalade, green bananas, herbs - thyme and bay leaf - and delicate toffee oak notes shine through.


Velvety smooth with rich vanilla oak flavours intriguingly punctuated with a vibrant fruitiness. The addition of a little water accentuates the fruit aspect with distinct citrus and red summer berries notes. Over time the spicy character comes through without ever dominating.


Long and rich, the signature fruity distillery character leaves a lasting impression.


Glenfiddich 1978 Vintage Reserve was selected on 9th October 2010 by a global panel, with a nosing and tasting conducted live via the microblogging site, Twitter.

The very first of its kind, this groundbreaking virtual selection was Glenfiddich Malt Master, Brian Kinsman's inaugural Vintage Reserve selection. After two hours of tweeted discussion, in front of an online audience, cask number 28152 was selected from a shortlist of four American oak hogshead casks, all filled within minutes of each other, from the same batch, on 25th September 1978.

In nosing and tasting samples of the four diverse whiskies, the panel of whisky bloggers from around the world was able to explore first hand the enormous impact oak has on the maturation process and see for themselves how each cask imbues the whisky with its own unique character.

Brian Kinsman commented: "It was truly exciting to be part of such a pioneering process. To have an expert selection panel, based all over the world, meet virtually, in real time, for a nosing and tasting was fantastic. Tweeting seemed to help people refine their thoughts and impressions of the key aromas and tastes they picked up on. I'm delighted that cask number 28152 has been selected as the 2010 Vintage Reserve; it is an exceptional single malt with classic Glenfiddich fruit characteristics on the nose."

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