2015/2018 Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Whisky type
Single Malt
Kingbarns Distillery
Lowland, Schotland
Jaar gedistilleerd
Jaar van uitgave
In collectie

Review door Kingbarns

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According to the Scotch Whisky association rules, we have to wait at least 3 years and a day before we can legally bottle our first Scotch whisky. We'll be monitoring its progress by taking regular samples from our casks to determine when we think it will be ready to bottle. We filled our first casks in March 2015, so it will be around April 2018 at the earliest before we can bottle Kingsbarns Single Malt whisky.

The first relase of Kingsbarns Single Malts Scotch Whisky will be the Founders Reserve Inaugural Release; comprising of several casks filled in 2015 using the wood policy set under the expert consultancy of the late Dr Jim Swan. Each cask was carefully selected by Distillery Manager Peter Holroyd and the Wemyss family. 1st fill bourbon barrels, supplied by Heaven Hill Kentucky distillery, were chosen as they imparted succulent wood tannins that balance well with the complex Kingsbarns spirit to represent this new single malt Scotch whisky in its lightest style.

All Founders Reserve releases will be drawn from a combination of different wood expressions and ages, as well as always being bottled cask strength, non chill-filtered and with their natural colour.