Highland Park
15 years old
Earl Magnus
Whisky type
Single Malt
Highland Park Distillery
Island, Scotland
Year launched/bottled
Limited edition
5,976 bottles
In collection

Review by Highland Park


Golden honey, clear and bright.


Cedarwood and lemon. Mango chunks with hints of ginger and cinnamon bark.


Vanilla, balanced smokiness, milk chocolate and crystallized ginger.


Medium sweet with lingering spiciness.


Released in November 2009, this bottling celebrates the life of Earl Magnus who was born in 1075 when the Orkney Islands belonged to Norway. His Viking ancestors were terrifying warriors whose code of heroism, hatred and honour through vengeance framed their brutal lives. Into this world came Magnus, a man unlike any other Orkney Earl, spreading Christianity.

The peace-loving Magnus was very different to his cousin Haakon who remained imbued with the fighting spirit. Haakon was envious and ambitious, striving for self-glory. Their history is a classic tale of the struggle of good versus evil; the treachery and tragedy of the life of Earl Magnus accounts for his prominence in northern literature.

Magnus reigned jointly with his cousin Haakon from 1108 until 1115 when their followers fell out. Peace was negotiated and the Earls agreed to meet bringing only two ships each. The treacherous Haakon arrived with eight ships and captured his saintly cousin. The Norwegian chieftains decided that one of the Earls must die. After the refusal of his standard-bearer to undertake the task, Haakon ordered his cook to kill Magnus which he did by striking him on the head with an axe.

The fame of Magnus, canonized only 20 years after his death, has been maintained by the stunning cathedral built in the 12th century by his nephew in Kirkwall the capital of Orkney and which still proudly stands to this day.

Earl Magnus is a balanced, natural strength bottling of 52.6% abv. The foundation is 15 year old Highland Park, but to give additional character and depth, hand selected casks containing whisky distilled in the early 1990s was added. 5,976 bottles released all of which are now sold.

Source: Maxxium