Highland Park
30 years old
2019 Spring Release
Whisky type
Single Malt
Highland Park Distillery
Island, Scotland
Year launched/bottled
In collection

Review by Highland Park


Golden with hints of glowing amber

Tasting note

Sweet vanilla, floral honey, soft caramel, citrus fruits, bitter dark chocolate, warm spices, aromatic peat smoke


A beautifully mature, full bodied and complex expression of Highland Park, created from less than 20 casks laid down in 1989 and earlier years. Naturally golden in colour with hints of glowing amber, our Spring 2019 Release is, unusually, the product of three different cask types.

The influence of casks on the character of our whisky cannot be underestimated. The wood the cask is made from, its capacity, and whether it previously held sherry or bourbon all play significant parts. Our Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion, took the unusual step of bringing together three different cask types for this release first-fill bourbon casks to deliver sweet notes of vanilla and honey with hints of sharp citrus; first-fill sherry seasoned casks to add rich layers of sweet fruit and warm spices; and finally a small but critical quantity of refill casks to add new and harmonious layers of flavour.

Although a rich thread of continuity runs through each release of Highland Park 30 YEAR OLD, this Spring 2019 Release makes its own distinctive statement in a single malt Scotch whisky that is as intriguingly complex as it is finely balanced.

RRP: 800 GBP

Source: Maxxium